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Can't offer the complete solutions your customers want?

Most companies concentrate technical expertise in their particular field.  But very few companies can afford to keep a full time staff of experts in all technical areas.  So if your project calls for skills or manpower you don't have, where do you turn?

Horizon Systems, Inc. is an engineering service firm that offers practical solutions to your product development and analysis needs.  With over thirty years of experience, our focus is on accelerating your product development cycle, helping you make a profit and keeping your customers happy.  Click here to see if we can help. 

The services we provide focus on the engineering, design and integration of mechanical, electrical/electronic and optical components to deliver system solutions tailored to your applications.

Depending where you are in your development program, we'll provide a tailored approach to ensure you end up with the right product for your customer.  The links below show the type of results we provide for clients in different phases of development:

Concept Development ] Product Design ] Systems Integration ] Design Verification ] Prototyping ]

You benefit by getting the support you need, when you 're ready for it.  You'll have the technical expertise to generate the ideas and proposals, and pay only for the work you need.

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