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Development projects seldom go according to plan. 

After all, you're doing something new, something that hasn't been done before.  So trying to shoehorn this new project into your existing task load is tough.  Especially when you're overloaded, you don't have the right skills or enough people, and you keep getting additional tasks. 

The result: Your new products or upgrades get delayed.  And you fall further behind your competitors.

So you wonder if your product development project will ever show a return.  Whether the risk is worthwhile.  Or whether the competitive edge you were counting on will really be there when you're finished.  And what your profit margin will be at the end.

How do you speed up this process?

Successful product development starts with understanding the process.

While the initial ideas may come easy, studies show that when it comes to developing new technology-based products, the success rate ranges from 1% to 35%.

The reasons range from lack of a defined process, to a lack of specific skills and manpower, to a focus on other problems.  And because most companies donít have the wide range of skills to get the best ideas implemented, they end up with products that show marginal improvements, with costs that are too high.

We can help.

Horizon Systems helps companies that are struggling to get their technology based products to market.  We'll take some of the product upgrade or development burdens off your shoulders.  We'll help you with engineering, design and technical support in just the right amount.  And we can do it at a fixed price, with guaranteed results.  To contact us for more info, click here.

You gain by applying our extensive experience to get to market fasterYou save money by only paying for services you use.   And since the results are guaranteed, you'll know where you end up.  Which minimizes your risk.  More Details?  Click Here.


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