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Struggling to develop your High-Tech product?

If you're like most companies in the high technology field, you're facing increased pressures to lower cost, provide upgrades with more capabilities, or develop new variations of your products - all with a reduced staff, shorter lead times, and smaller budgets.

Horizon Systems, Inc. is an engineering consulting service that works with electronics, defense, aerospace and communications manufacturers to bring better hardware products to market.

We provide you with turn-key engineering and design expertise to help solve your technical problems and get you the results you need, without hiring extra staff or buying equipment and software. You gain by getting your most urgent technical problems solved quickly, with no training or long-term commitment.

Horizon Systems, Inc. has been working with high technology manufacturers since 1998 to develop new products and improve existing ones. We have a solid record of success that can work for you as well.

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are these problems familiar to you?

 Youíre struggling to develop your products

Parts of your development process are going well, but other parts are just not getting done. What if you could finish your development or upgrade in short order and get your product to market faster?

Youíre not sure your product meets the customerís requirements

Your development schedule is short, and you canít tell if your product meets the requirements. What if you could verify the performance of your product beforehand while minimizing the amount of testing required? What if you could determine how well your upgrade works, and what needs to be improved, before building prototypes?

Your development projects take too long

Itís tough just to get your core development done, and your support tasks are lagging behind. What if you could speed up your development process?  If you could get your projects completed earlier, and get to market quicker?

You don't have the specialized expertise to finish your projects

Youíve spent a lot of effort to put together a core team to address the main customer issues.  But you have important peripheral tasks that arenít being addressed. What if you could get the specialized skills to finish your projects, when you're ready for them?  What if you could get technical skills in just the right amount, instead of either full-time or not at all?

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